oulu brand unbleached bamboo paper on high speed advertisement-比较正规的买球软件

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natural unbleached,oulu brand bamboo tissue paper.
oulu brand unbleached bamboo paper on high speed advertisement

with the widely selling of oulu brand unbleached bamboo tissue paper in whole china sinopec gas station easyjoy convenient stores and other superstores like carrefour,walmart and renrenle and so on,oulu brand unbleached bamboo paper has been the leading brand and most competitive manufacturer of unbleached bamboo paper products in china.for better advertise the concept of environmental protection,yashi paper has decided to put 5 highways advertising in main tranport routes like chengmian,chengyu,chengya,chengdnan,chengzihu five highways.let more people know about our healthier and eco-friendly unbleached bamboo paper products.

chengmian expressway is the main traffic artery connecting xi'an in shaanxi province with lanzhou in gansu province.

chengdu-chongqing expressway is a highway connecting with sichuan and chongqing ,the most populous and economically developed economy in the southwest and the high-speed links between sichuan and yunnan province.

cheng ya highway is connecting sichuan, beijing with yunnan and tibet's,connect with tandem stone lake, bifengxia, mengding mountain, lugu lake, qionghai area.

chengdu-nanning highway is an important thoroughfare from chengdu to thedaying,suining,chongqing,nanchong,guang'an,dazhou,where located the former residence of dengxiaoping, the hometown of zhu de and the dead sea in china.

chengduzihu highway is a direct access to "chinese history and culture city" and "china wine city," which is also the luzhou city and chengdu, "china wine are" yibin, shunan bamboo sea, kunming and southeast asia traffic arteries.

for now our oulu brand unbleached bamboo paper products are getting widely reputation in whole china,which becomes the most competitive bamboo paper brand in china,more and more people know and use our healthier and eco-friendly bamboo paper,bamboo grows fast and we do not need cut trees.yashi paper will try our best to protect the environment.